Our Fund seeks to be the first significant investment in an early-stage venture that can reach attainable milestones leading to series A financing within 12-24 months. Our sweet spot is companies that have adaptable and coachable founding teams who have identified a significant customer problem and are working towards product market fit. This includes companies at the minimum viable product, pre-revenue and early revenue stages. Because of the risks involved in investing this early, our preference is to stage capital relative to milestones achieved. Therefore, we reserve significant capital for follow-on investments in our most promising companies.


We evaluate opportunities based on four criteria:

Progress/Traction to Date

Customer Data Collected
Customer Acquisition Strategy & Metrics
Defined Path to Revenue
Customer Pipeline

Uses of Capital/Milestones

Defined Customer/Product Tests
Accretive Milestones
Human Capital Requirements

Founding Team

Previous Work Experience
Leadership Capability &Team Dynamic
Social Capital & Network Strength

Idea/Market Size

Problem Identification & Validation
Unique Value Proposition
Unfair Advantage


If you think the Alabama Futures Fund (AFF) is a fit for your startup, please submit introductory materials to info@AlabamaFuturesFund.com.


Your materials do not need to be long, in fact we don’t suggest sending a full business plan. Our preference is to receive 4-6 page summaries/decks that address the key areas outlined on the Evaluation Criteria page of this website.


Please Note:

As a matter of policy, AFF does not sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). However, please be aware that nothing you send us will be shared outside of our partnership without your expressed permission. We will take the time to read every submission. However, we are a small investment team so please allow a minimum of a week before following up.